Residential Information

Admission Requirements

Consumers with an admission appointment to the residential program should arrive at the reception area. Consumers MUST have the following items with them or they may be denied admission to the program:

Proof of  Missouri Residency

  • Valid MO driver’s license  


  • OR State ID Card  


  • OR DFS Papers  


  • OR Piece of mail with consumers Name, address, and City & State on it  


  • OR letter from Probation Officer  


Proof of Income

Acceptable forms of proof include: current check-stub, tax return, letter from employer on letterhead stationery, or a letter from your probation officer.

Personal Items

Clothing for one week.  (Washers and dryers are available) T- Shirts, sweats and shorts are acceptable.  Clothing with alcohol or drug logos, muscle shirts, and anything deemed inappropriate by staff will not be allowed.


  • Wash cloth & Towels  


  • Writing Utensil  


  • Stamps  


  • Phone Card for long distance and change for the pay
    phone for local calls.  (Cell phones are not permitted.)  


  • Prescription Medication (Bring 30 day supply in the
    original prescription bottle)  


  • Toiletries  

All personal items will be approved upon admission.


ADDRESS: 146 Communications Drive • Hannibal MO
PHONE: 573.248.1196

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