Consumer Rights

You shall be entitled to the following without limitation:


    • To have private visits from your lawyer, doctor, or clergyman at reasonable times;


    • To correspond by sealed mail with officials of the Department of Mental Health, your lawyer, or a court;


    • To have humane care and treatment;


    • To the extent that the facilities, equipment, and personnel are available, to have medical care and treatment in accordance with the highest standards accepted in medical practice;


    • To have safe and clean housing;


    • To attend religious services;


    • To receive prompt evaluation, care and treatment, or rehabilitation;


    • To have your treatment, or rehabilitation plan explained to you;


    • To be treated with respect and dignity as a human being;


    • To be a subject of an experiment only with your consent or the consent of the person legally authorized to act for you;


    • To have your private doctor examine you at your expense;


    • To be evaluated and cared for in the least-restrictive place;


    • To refuse hazardous treatment or surgery unless ordered by a court;


    • To request and have a second opinion before hazardous treatment or irreversible surgery, except in emergencies;


    • To have nourishing, well-balance meals;


    • To not work unless part of your treatment, or rehabilitation;


    • To be free from abuse or neglect; and


    • To have your records kept confidential.


    • Unless otherwise stated by law you have the same legal rights and responsibilities as any other citizen.


    • This facility cannot deny admission or services to you because of your race, sex, creed, marital status, national origin, handicap, or age.


The following rights and privileges may be limited, if necessary,
as documented in your record:


        • To wear your own clothes and use your own personal things;


        • To keep some spending money for small purchases;


        • To send and receive mail;


        • To have visitors at reasonable times;


        • To see your records;


        • To have physical exercise and outdoor recreation;


        • To have access to current newspapers, magazines, radio and television programming;


        • To be free from chemical or physical restraint, seclusion, or isolation; and


        • To have access to the necessary services of an interpreter, within the limits of appropriations, if you are deaf or hearing-impaired.


Take the following actions:


        • if you believe you have been physical or verbally abused or neglected, you may file a complaint with the person in charge of your unit. An investigation of your complaint will be initiated immediately.


        • If you believe any of these posted rights have been violated, you may file a grievance with the person in charge of your unit. An impartial review of your grievance shall be conducted.


        • If you think you are being abused, neglected, or your rights taken away, you, your parents, your guardian, or any other person you choose can contact your DMH regional office for help. You can also call consumer rights monitor (Constituents Services) in Jefferson City at 1-800-364-9687 for help.


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