Detox Information

Consumers entering detox will need to bring the following items:
  • Personal grooming items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shaving items, etc. (Please note that mouthwash, perfume or cologne, and other items containing alcohol will be confiscated.)  


  • Prescriptions – must be in original containers, prescribed to consumer, and not expired.  Over-the-counter medications will be allowed but must be in original containers also.  


  • Consumers who smoke should bring a 3-5 day supply of cigarettes.  


  • Change for vending machine.  

Any personal items brought in will be inventoried and secured for the consumer.  Outside reading material, cell phones, and personal electronic devices are not permitted.


ADDRESS: 146 Communications Drive • Hannibal MO
PHONE: 573.248.1196

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